Mark Wynter

Please, please. please. do not take the easy way out and allow this strikingly original and glorious theatre to become another soulless multiplex cinema. In the summer of 1964 I appeared on the bill there for several weeks along with the brilliantly accomplished magician David Nixon and skiffle king Lonnie Donegan.

At the time I had engaged the eminent lawyer David Jacobs, who lived in Brighton, to defend me on a speeding charge. Yes, bit of a speed freak then in my silver grey MGB Roadster. DJ was too busy to discuss the case in London and suggested I go to his house between shows on the Saturday. I did and over high tea and cake was introduced to his weekend house guest, Judy Garland. My appearing at The Hippodrome therefore has an added special memory.

Historical theatres such as this reflect our theatrical heritage from Shakespeare to music hall and on into the great days of variety. Imperative that it be restored & saved.

In faith,
Mark Wynter

Mark Wynter is an English actor and former singer, who had four Top 20 singles in the 1960s, including “Venus in Blue Jeans” and “Go Away Little Girl”. He enjoyed a lengthy career from 1960 to 1968 as a pop singer and teen idol, but developed later into an actor in film, musicals and plays.